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Christy Hays

Instructor, Christy Hays

This is my 11th year leading Zumba classes. I never imagined it would change my life; fitness, friends, and fun!


WHERE:  LaFortune Park Community Center (map below)
                      Whiteside Park Community Center (map below)
WHEN:    Lafortune   M 6-7pm, Th 6-7pm, Sa 10-11a
                      Whiteside  W 6-7pm
COST:  $5/class or $32/8 pre-paid classes.
Pay at the door or buy ahead, using the link to the left.
ABOUT:  This class is designed for beginners to advanced. Go at your own pace. We have all different fitness levels and a variety of ages in our class.  My philosphy: We don't really care what you're moving as long as you stay moving. It's all about exercising and having fun. We've got a welcoming group and a strong spirit of support and community.  The hardest part is walking into the gym the first time.  After that, you'll see how fun it is. 
WHAT to WEAR:  Cool clothing. Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, tights, workout clothes. Tennis shoes that don't have too much grip. Wear what you have the first time and adjust from there. 
WHAT to BRING:  Water bottle
TEACHERS: Join our class for free! 
Thank you for developing our future leaders.

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​​As of Jan 1, 2020. Our class is longer participating in
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5202 S. Hudson
In the same building as the Herman and Kate Kaiser Library by the tennis courts

Addtional parking is available in the Gardens Lot
(Enter off of 51st just west of Hudson)


4009 S. Pittsburg
41st in beween Harvard and Sheridan
(north side of 41st)