What Do I Wear to Zumba?
Wear anything you would normally work out in....workout clothes or shorts and T-shirt are ok.  Better to be cooler than warmer.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What Do I Bring to Zumba?
Bring a water bottle or bottled water and maybe a towel.  It's always more fun if you bring a friend!
What's the Cost?
Individual 1 hr. classes are $5 per class.  Or, if you'd like to pay-in- advance, 8 classes are $32. Pre-paid classes can be used for any 1 hr class on the schedule. The pay-in-advance card is like a punch card so you only pay when you attend. 
NOTE: Cards which have not been used for 8 months will be considered void and are not transferrable or refundable. 
City of Tulsa Employees enjoy a discount off of the pre-pay option: 8 for $28

More About Zumba
Can I Keep Up?
Yes!  You can go at your own pace.  You can modify steps, do high impact or low impact. We say, if you don't like what we're doing, do something else.  It's a very laid-back workout.  We don't care if we're doing the same thing (usually we're not)! 
What's the Best Day to Try It?
You can start any day. Monday is always the busiest class.  Start whenever you'd like.  Just show up! 
What's the Schedule?
LaFortune- M 6:00-7:00 pm, Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm, Sat 10:00-11:00 am
(Please check Current News for any changes and updates)

Is there Child Care Available? Can my Children Sit In or Participate?
Child care is not available at either of our locations. Children may sit on the sidelines provided they do not interfere with a positive class experience for everyone. I reserve the right to ask any participant to leave their children at home. It is an adult class and children under 12 may not participate due to insurance restrictions and even some music selections. Kids 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Children age 16 to 18 may participate with their parent's permission (parent signature required at first class).  If you would like your younger children to participate in Zumba, please check Zumba.com at http://search.zumba.com/classes  for Zumbatomics classes.  Zumbatomics is Zumba for kids!  
Classes can be paid by Cash, Check or Credit Card (For Credit Cards, processing fee applies)
Pay at time of check in.  

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ABC is a 20-minute workout designed to target the areas where we need it the most. No equipment is needed. We use body weight and resistance to tone and shape. 

Exercises are on the floor but may be modified to do against the wall. 

Please bring a yoga or floor mat to cushion yourself for seated exercises.

Monday at Lafortune 7:00-7:30
Thursday at Lafortune 7:00-7:30

10 pre-paid classes for $15.00 or $2 per single class.